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Custom Designs


I am currently accepting a limited number of commissions each month. I love creating art that represents the individual and I'm excited to create a piece that is personally significant to you. If you're interested in one of my commission spots, read a little more and fill out the form below to apply.


Please review the various artistic styles from the home page, so that you fully understand the type of art I create. My art is created utilizing collaborative elements, mixed media, textures, and natural materials to create a colorful fusion designs and pieces. My styles are very abstract, moderne, art deco, and contemporary. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.


I make my own frames from recycled frames, I cut my own glass and mirrors from recycled pieces. I use high grade epoxies and cements to secure the embellishments on the frames and sometimes on the paintings. I use a variety of mediums from watercolor to acrylics. No item is perfect, perfection does not exist, because I use upcycled items in my work each item may have a flaw, like each human. We love our perfect imperfections.


Art is an experience, an evolving process created through inspiration. Great art inspires and creates conversation. “There are no failures in art, only differences of opinion. Creativity takes courage, for one's art will not appeal to all, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My goal is that every customer will treasure my unique art as much as I enjoy creating it. Please join me at an upcoming Art Festival, Exhibit or Show to find additional treasures to add to your collection.


Prices for custom pieces begin at $250 and up based on size. Each custom design will require a varying amount of work. I'm happy to provide a quote after we determine the details of the project. My consulting and design fees are $150 per hour, travel, lodging and incidentals are extra.

Are you interested in a custom design?

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