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This collection is named for one of my favorite artists and icons, because of her unique personality and multifaceted life. Frida was a role model for women’s inner strength, and for courage in the face of adversity. Above all, she was a genuine woman who was true to her convictions. I love her vibrant colors. I love vibrant colors and patterns. I believe vibrant colors make us happy. I enjoy bringing an aspect of fun into art.


This sexy and iconic collection was inspired by Coco Chanel, French Fashion Designer. I love her elegant and sophisticated, and innovative fashion designs. I wear all of her perfumes, which smell divine on me. She possessed a superior intellect and was truly a role model for women with her business acumen and success in a man’s world. I love black, it’s sleek and slimming. In fact, I have one entire closet devoted to my black clothing! I hope you enjoy these Artistic Creations as much as I do.


Nature’s creations inspire me. They represent the true essence of beauty. Nature creates more beauty than any human’s imagination. Nature has the ability to influence our moods. I know I’m always happy when the sun is shining and when my feet are buried under the sand on a beach. I’ve collected these shells from various beaches worldwide, over my years of travel. Each one is magnificently beautiful and no two are alike. These pieces hold a special place in my heart, and I hope you will treasure them as I do.


I’ve always loved and worn animal prints. In fact, I often mix my prints! Animal prints are natural, beautiful art. Animals in the wild are sleek, graceful, elegant and powerful, like my designs. Animal prints are definitely statement pieces. But wait, if you’re not an animal print lover, I have just the ticket, I’ve also created many pieces using natural and rich, woods for the manly man for his office! These funky 3D wood creations are perfect for that fish photo, your latest catch, awards, the tennis match, deer hunt trophies, the hole in one and other manly activities. Ladies, these are awesome for family photos, displayed in your hubby’s office. Don’t regret, get the set!


In an effort to be environmentally correct, this crazy, colorful collection is made using sea glass, recycled glass, recycled jewelry, recycled mirrors ad recycled frames. Each item is uniquely inspired. This collection is comprised of some of my favorite pieces. They’re funky, wild, expressive and some of my most popular selling pieces. Watch for my upcoming video and I take you through the inspiration, and creation process from start to finish. You’ll discover how I revamp, resize and recreate the frames, the painting process, what types of epoxies are used and how the mirrors are placed into the final designs.