Luxe Couture

Meet the Team

Andrea Greco ARTIST & CEO

Born in Athens, Greece, the metropolis of Art, Andrea developed a passion for art at an early age, working with various mediums to develop her unique style. Andrea's Art is created by utilizing collaborative elements, mixed media, textures, & natural materials to create a colorful fusion of Artistic Designs, from fine art to wearable art, jewelry, home décor, custom designs & exclusive gifts to be treasured. Andrea enjoys designing custom pieces for clients & seeing their excitement when they love their unique creations.

Andrea believes, Art is an experience, an evolving process created through inspiration. Great art inspires & creates conversation. "There are no failures in art, only differences of opinion. Andrea understands that creativity takes courage, for one's art will not appeal to all, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Her goal is that every customer will treasure her art as much as she enjoyed creating it. Please join Andrea at an Art Festival, Exhibit or Show to find additional treasures to add to your collection.

Andrea uses both watercolor and acrylic as her mediums of choice for her paintings. She makes her own frames or refurbished recycled frames as well as glass and mirrors. Her frames and artwork are embellished with a variety of unique, recycled, objects, artifacts, jewelry, feathers, metals, and shells she has collected in her world travels. Her jewelry and bolo’s are also one of a kind, also designed using stones, metals, antiques, jewels and shells gathered during her global travels. Luxe Couture Art utilizes collaborative elements, mixed media, textures, natural materials, and recycled objects to create a colorful fusion of Art and designs. Each piece of Art is one of a kind. I also create custom Art, Jewelry, pieces and unique gifts for clients. I have an affinity for bright colors, especially Red, the color of BOLD and courage. Luxe offers 7 Collections, inspired by some of my favorite Artists and Icons; Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Wassily Kandinsky, Coco Chanel, Joan Didion, and Degas, to name a few. The Collections are: Fabulous Frida, Tuxedo, Mad for Mosaics, Jungle Love, Glimmer & Guild, Crème de la Crème, and Seaside. My Art is Funky and Fun. Andrea believes that; together we can accomplish much, teamwork makes the dream work, divide and conquer, there is no ‘I” in team and finally, When you hand talented individuals possibilities, they accomplish great things. I am nothing without my team. Thank you Team


Melody has owned and operated numerous successful businesses, which received multiple small business awards for her architectural designs. Melody also founded Intelli and Reef Life both companies that restore coral reefs and revitalize the ocean and sea life. Melody's extraordinary design talents and vision are essential in the development and creation of the artistic pieces Luxe Couture offers. She is a wizard at producing and ensuring successful art shows and exhibitions.

A portion of all Luxe Couture Sales are donated to Reef Life Foundation. Remember, to receive a 10% discount on any Luxe Couture item. Donate now to


Kat is also the media director and graphic designer for Reef Life Foundation, a non-profit organization that restores coral reefs and kelp forests in the ocean. A graduate of the University of Utah, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sustainability Studies. Kat enjoys the creativity and design aspects of her work. As a consultant, Kat enjoys helping small and woman-owned businesses.


Sharon is a former advertising creative director turned fashion entrepreneur. Co-Owner of Bill & Sharon Loya Boutique, recognized by Harpers Bazaar as one of the top 20 best Womens Boutiques in the U.S. Sharon has an artistic flare, an eye for design and now has a private business working directly with designers while offering a discerning clientele a unique and personal shopping experience.


Carol Avery is an experienced and certified, Jewelry and metals Instructor. Certified to teach PMC© (Precious Metal Clay) by The Rio Grande Company. She has taught classes at Beaded Puma, SLC; Kimball Art Center, Park City; and YMCA. Carol's has a B.F.A. from the University of Utah where she has dabbled in small metals and ceramics. Carol is currently teaching: Metal Clay, Silver, Bronze and surface design. She assists Andrea with her Jewelry Designs, creations and manufacturing.


Lynda has created art since childhood. She's been fortunate to have viewed many masterpieces by the greatest artists. Her imaginative work inspired illustrations for a children's book. Lynda has received numerous awards for her watercolors including, Best of Show. Lynda enjoys creating custom art for people based on their favorite photos or memories. She specializes in watercolor and has a unique sense of color and composition. Her exceptional ideas, and vision for the Luxe Couture line of products, earned her the Creative Genius title.


Daniel is a sports enthusiast, & member of the Special Olympics Flag Football Team. He's a walking encyclopedia of sports facts & figures. An Artist in his own right, claiming several awards for his work. Daniel is the "muscle" for the team, doing heavy lifting, booth set-up & teardown. Daniel has a knack for scouting treasures that can be upcycled and made into art.

Morganne Heath, Chief Treasure Scout

Morgan has been a fashionista since she was 2 yrs old. Always on top of the latest trends and lending her expertise and advice to friends, family and associates. She obtained a BA in Marketing & Sales. Morgan is a whiz at selling and has an eye for what works and what doesn’t. Her Interior Design skills are envied by all who have the opportunity to experience her designs and decor. She is the ultimate treasure hunter and scout, visiting every thrift shop, boutique, and antique store everywhere she travels. As such, she has been assigned the Treasure Scout role for Luxe Couture, wherein, she finds treasures that can be upcycled, recycled and made into magnificent works of art.


Gene Davis values & appreciates the Cultural Arts, especially Artists who create & design outside of the norms. He has always supported local artists including performing artists. As an aficionado of music from his many years as a DJ in his early career, he met many people throughout his life who introduced him to creative dance, ballet, symphony, visual works & local galleries. He supports local artists & encourages artists in all fields. Gene also supports & encourages children's reading programs & enjoys providing book experiences for his grandchildren. Gene earned a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering & a Bachelor of Law Degree from LaSalle University. He recently retired after 36 years as a highly respected Utah State Senator. Gene's fun & witty personality, & experience in the art world, add to the inspiration of Andrea Greco's works of art.