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Mad for Mosaics

Artistic experiences are about feelings, emotions, thoughts and discovery. Different colors resonate with each individual and often cause vibration in the soul. This colorful collection, inspired by the pioneer of abstraction art, a genius named “Wassily Kandinsky”, who redefined the standard of Art, before his time. He believed in the universal visual language of abstract forms and colors, and in their power to transcend cultural and physical boundaries. You’ll notice a lot of red in this collection, and in my art and frames. Red is BOLD and decisive; it stands for bravery and courage. My friends have told me, I have the Balls to be BOLD, they admire my courage, my ability to stand out in a crowd and be a head-turner. They praise me for being brave enough to take a stance, and speak my mind, even if it isn’t popular. So… don’t be afraid of RED - On its Greek roots, shades of red are exciting, with the power to draw you in. Red is the color of power and leadership. “Red is the color of creation” – Frank Lloyd Wright. You don’t have to be brave enough to wear red, to appreciate it.