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Crème de la crème

Highlighting the notes of ivory, foam on a latte, heavy cream, old piano keys on a Grand Steinway, richness and depth, the lightness of meringue atop a pie, reminiscent of pear and winter white wine. Posh, lavish, exclusive and elusive. Treasured, the simple elegance and serene beauty of pearls, “the Queen of gems”, which exemplify status, culture, class, elegance, and sophistication. These timeless, spectacular, organic and much desired gemstones are perfected in the ocean by the oyster. They are the only gem material formed and found within a living creature, stunning in the way they naturally form, no two alike. Crème de la crème, the radiance and iridescence of cut crystal, the warmth and soft shade of Winter White, the aroma of vanilla blossom, and citrus, luxury, purity, hope and promise. Each of these visuals inspire this collection.