Luxe Couture

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Artisan Handmade Jewelry

I admire Joan Didion, a Journalist with a distinctive voice, who explored Culture and Chaos, and believed in fresh starts. Her originality and fearlessness inspire my work as an Artesian. As a multifaceted designer, my creations are original, mysterious, hypnotic, alluring, intriguing and unique. Many of the pieces I design are for exclusive clients who no longer want to “wear their wealth”. Instead, they wish to emphasize each ensemble with unique and colorful designs, that portray their own sense of style. Each handmade piece is a custom design. The majority of the stones in my designs were collected through lifelong adventures and global travels. I enjoy weaving the personality and style of each client into their exclusive Wearable Art

Just in time - I’m Bringing Bolo’s Back. Bolos aren’t just for western wear. Bolos add an artistic flair to any ensemble. Originally created in the 1940’s to flaunt impressive brooches or neckties. Patrick Swayze, Clint Eastwood, Roy Rogers, John Travolta, & Collin Farrell are amongst various movie stars who made the Bolo fashionable. Bolos can be worn as neckties, adornments, accessories, focal points or conversation pieces. They complete any ensemble, whether male or female. The latest trend for women is to sport fashionable, Bolos with Bling. The Luxe Bolo Collection offers a wide selection of styles, stones, and colors, to upscale any ensemble as a statement piece.